God Help Me, I'm Grieving, Finding Healing After Loss

Christian Literary Awards 2018 Readers Choice Award Recipient


Designed not only to assist readers through the process of grief but to grant permission to fully experience it, God Help Me, I'm Grieving  validates each reader’s unique response to loss, allowing it to become a vehicle of inner change and spiritual and emotional growth.


With practical tips for handling loss and avoiding contention with those who lack compassion or who grieve differently, the book also includes a special section dedicated to navigating holidays and events while grieving. 

  • “… your grief is valid. No one gets to tell you it isn’t, and no one gets to tell you how or for how long you should grieve.”

  • “… grief can be messy and complicated. Finding healing after loss can be hard work. There will be times when you’ll think the reality of healing is nothing more than a cruel joke. And that’s okay. Just keep moving ahead . . .”

  • “Be patient with yourself and give yourself time. Remember there is no timeline for your healing. It takes as long as it takes.”

  • “… expressing the pain associated with grief is not an indicator of your level of faith or lack thereof. It is an indicator of your humanity, of your choice to love and be loved.”

  • “Make certain you are surrounded by a support system capable of handling your grief.”

  • “God never disqualified anyone for expressing his or her grief. And you are no different. Your emotional response to your loss does not disqualify you as his child"


  • Katherine Barner is a Grief & Trauma Expert, Licensed Psychoherapist, and founder of the Living Beyond Loss Academy.


    After nearly 30 years in both the public and private sectors of the mental health field, she is well-acquainted with the ways grief can impact a life.

    Crafting this guide from her professional experience as well as from lessons learned during her own seasons of mourning, Katherine offers compassion and guidance to those suffering a loss in this timely work. 


    A graduate of Spelman College and the University of North Texas, Katherine holds degrees in Psychology and Counseling. In addition, she is certified as an ICISF crisis responder, Clinical Trauma Specialist, and a trained EMDR practitioner.

Katherine Barner


"In a day when many are propounding a gospel of ease and pleasantries, Katherine has given helpful insights to counter that false perception. Her experiences reveal what we can do to manage and survive the symmetry of hope and despair after loss."

Rev. Lee E. Skinner

Pastor, Good Shepherd Baptist Church

"This is an excellent read, combining biblical truths and practical experiences..., I recommend this book to anyone that desires encouragement and a blessing."

Dr. Mark “Dean” Haywood

Professor & VP of Student Services, Grace School of Theology

"I’ve been struggling emotionally for over a year. Nothing in my toolkit was working to make me feel better or stronger in a consistent way. Then I came across this book. It was like Katherine was speaking to me directly and I now had a clearer perspective in order to move forward in a healthy and whole way."

E. Tazel

Amazon Customer

"In a warm and engaging style, God Help Me, I'm Grieving beckons the reader to join in on a healing journey through the grief process. This is a practical, understandable, and helpful book on grieving-Thank You!”

Dandridge Collins, Ph. D

Author of the classic The Trauma Zone: Trusting God for Emotional Healing (2007)  

"This book is a must read if you've experienced any kind of loss. It's opened my heart to understanding and healing years after losing my mother."

R. Ellerbee

Amazon Customer

"Thank you for sharing yourself with me and so many others in God Help Me, I'm Grieving. This book comes at a time when so many people need help."

T. Champine


"This book is an excellent resource for anyone facing loss. If you are considering purchasing this book, I highly recommend that you buy more than one copy because you will find yourself wishing you had extras on hand to give to someone in need. When you don't know what to say to comfort the sorrowful heart of those facing loss, this book says it all!"

K. Green

Amazon Customer, Author of Meet Me in the Valey and Pray-ers Bear Fruit 


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